I Once Had the Strangest Dream

I Once Had the Strangest Dream

By Stephanie Elaine Cavanaugh - http://stephaniecavanaugh.com

All images copyright Stephanie Elaine Cavanaugh. All rights reserved.

  "Surf Scape"   All images copyright  S tephanie Elaine Cavanaugh. All rights reserved. 

"Surf Scape" All images copyright Stephanie Elaine Cavanaugh. All rights reserved. 

A Dream - February 3, 2015: 

Once upon a time, there was a baby octopus that lived in a purse. He had lived in the purse a very long time. How absurd to live in a purse, he thought. How he longed for beautiful waters to swim in! How he longed for his heart to be free and unconfined. Living in the purse made him feel very sad.

Having lived in the purse such a long time, he came to know the girl who carried the purse, very well. He said to her, “My friend, can you please help me to find beautiful waters to live in, so that I may be happy and free?” The girl looked down at the baby octopus with concern in her eyes. She knew that he did not belong in a purse. “Of course I will help you find happiness my friend! If you leave me, I will miss you very much. But I want you to be free and smiling. I shall search the world, to find for you the most perfect waters where you can be content and happy.” And so, the girl began her search…

Atlanta, GA to Washington, DC: Ten days later, I was offered a wonderful job opportunity... and found myself packing my belongings and moving to new and beautiful waters... where I can be content and happy?


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