Pigs and Periods - A Letter to Trump

Pigs and Periods - A Letter to Trump

By Stephanie Elaine Cavanaugh - http://stephaniecavanaugh.com

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Someone called me a pig today. And said I am weak because I was once sexually harassed at work. I was told to find a new job and he got to keep his. Actually, I was even raped - if being harassed is weakness, what does that make me? I was told that I should be banned from America because I am an Atheist and I believe in love but not religion. I was told that I should be punished for owning my body and the rights to it. I complained, but I was accused of being on my period. I tried to protest against all of this and stand up for myself. I was punched in the face. I was screamed and cursed at. Then, lies were spread about me ... Why am I being treated as a second class human being?

Imagine, for a moment ... if that were all true. What would you say? Would you defend me? Would you support the bully?

To my family and friends who support Donald Trump: I thought a long time, about whether or not to post this. I didn't want to offend. Yet, at the end of the day, I need to stand up for what I believe to be right. I hope you will not take this letter personally in any way. It is not a reflection of any of you for supporting him, it is simply my opinion of Donald Trump. And I know you all have good hearts and would not support a bully if you truly believed the person to be a bully. In this situation, we are simply seeing the characteristics of a candidate differently. To my Donald Trump supporting family and friends ... know that while we may politically disagree ... I love you very much.


Dear Mr. Trump,

I am deeply saddened by this "Trump Movement" that you've created and more so, I am saddened to see the support that has grown for you. At first, I thought you running for president was some kind of joke, some kind of twisted publicity stunt to gain attention and ratings. But then, it persisted on. And despite all my guesses to the contrary, you became the Republican nominee. For the first time in my life, I am embarrassed to be an American. How could such a dark and hateful man, rise to the top of a political party - and possibly hold the most powerful position there is?

Mr. Trump, you are an artfully talented con-man. I've met your kind before and learned to see through the lies. I've watched you play on the fears, frustrations, and insecurities of so many. You do not bring people together. You tear them apart. You use ignorance and the fear of the unknown or unfamiliar, to instill hate and discrimination and to divide people ... for your own personal power and gain.

You are a pathological liar. Again and again, you say something, mostly for shock value or to instill anger and hate, because it increases your ratings. In your mind, bad publicity is still publicity and that is good for your campaign, right? Just like firing people on your show - you're all about the ratings and shock of it - the entertainment value. You don't care about anyone you hurt along the way so long as you increase your power. Then, when your disgusting and hateful and nonsensical statements are found to be untrue, incorrect, unpopular, or simply, stupid ... you immediately make some laughable excuse or completely change your position or turn it around into some bull about you meaning something else and that it was somehow taken out of context. Or, you blame the media. For you are an entertainer. There is power in money and power in knowing how to play the game ... You know this and you know how to use it to your advantage. Of course there are plenty of people of your kind in this world. But what saddens me even more is that so many people believe your lies. And you prey on them. Like a power hungry vulture. A cancer of the human spirit.

I have watched you call women pigs, say those who have abortions should be punished, that if a woman is sexually harassed then she is not only weak, but should leave the company and start a new career. I have watched you discriminate against and suggest a ban, on Muslims. Mr. Trump, you have insulted me and you have insulted my friends and loved ones. And on a side note - many of my friends are Muslims. And they are such kind, decent, intelligent, compassionate, high class human beings - of a higher caliber than you could ever hope to be. And you want to build a wall - really? I am at a loss for words from your medieval suggestion. You truly are a dark heart. Have you not been to the Statue of Liberty? Have you not read "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus? Well let me enlighten you. It says, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." And yet here you stand, running for the most powerful position in the land - and speaking of religious bans and walls. How dare you call yourself an American.

And now, already, you are planting seeds in the minds of your supporters to suggest that if you don't win, the system must be rigged. Really?!

Your latest of atrocities is hinting at the assignation of your opponent. I absolutely believe that you did this deliberately. But, for argument sake, say you didn't - let's pretend for just a moment that you meant nothing of the sort and that it was taken out of context. The President of the United States cannot, I repeat, cannot - make such mistakes and uncertainty with words. Not while holding such a powerful position or, while running to hold such a position.

They say, this election is one for the history books. They say that this election is one that is so deeply divided, that it will tear some families apart. If you win by popular vote, I believe it will be a very dark time. The history books will read about the darkness and fall of "America the Great". And then what? In my mind, I keep seeing the stories of our past, where the powerful instilled hate and turned families against one another. It is shocking to me that there was ever a time when it was even questionable for a moment, that owning slaves - human beings, was wrong. How could anyone for even a second, have believed that whites and blacks were not equal human beings? How was it ever even a thought, that women were somehow a lesser species to men and not allowed to legally vote? And Hitler ...

Now with you, it is a fight over religious, racial, and gender discrimination.

When I imagine a scenario where you are president, Mr. Trump ... it is a scene of horror. Of violence and hate. It is so scary - imagining a person such as yourself, with your inexperience, ignorance, narcissism, lies and quick temper ... in the room with the football, carrying the biscuit ...

If you don't win, it will still go down as a dark time in American history, when a racist, xenophobic, bigot and charlatan ... gained enough support and following ... to be in the running. Oh how I am saddened, by the damage you have already caused. The hate and divide you have already instilled.

For me, there is no question in this election. I will never support anyone who encourages racial, religious, and gender suppression. Who promotes violence and hate. I will fight against it till my dying breath.


About the Author:

Stephanie Elaine Cavanaugh - Hi, I'm Stephanie ... pleasure to become virtually acquainted. Please note the views and opinions communicated here are my own and not representative of any particular group or organization.

Interests, ever-evolving:  Photography, painting, art, science, medicine, astronomy, yoga, travel, the world, culture, language, education, women's rights, human rights, making the world a kinder, more beautiful place.

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